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Archives 2010 - 05 May





01/05 :
Life is a mosaic of pleasure and pain - grief is an interval between two moments of joy. Peace is the interlude between two wars. You have no rose without a thorn; the diligent picker will avoid the pricks and gather the flowers. There is no bee without the sting; cleverness consists in gathering the honey nevertheless. Troubles and travails will haunt you. But you must not allow them to deflect you from the path of duty and dedication. The world today is afflicted with anxiety, fear, depression, hatred, greed and suspicion. The only way the world can be set right is for man to realise his high destiny; for every man yearns for two boons - attainment of joy and escape from sorrow.

You may have immense knowledge, wealth and valor, but, you are bound to suffer if you become a slave to anger, desire and greed. Do not take pride in your wealth, physical strength and education. Develop the strength of love. Love can transform even a foe into a friend. Only through love can your life be redeemed.

Life sustained by food is short; life sustained by the Universal Conscienciouness is eternal. Do not lay claim to long life; but to Divine life. Do not pine for more years on earth, but for more virtues in the heart. The Buddha knew and made known to the world, the Truth. Everything is grief. Everything is empty. Everything is ephemeral and polluted. So the wise man has to do the duties assigned to him with discrimination, diligence and detachment. Play the role but keep your identity unaffected.

Man will never gain happiness by giving a free rein to his senses. Man allows the mind - mere bundle of thoughts and desires - to guide his actions, instead of the intellect, which can discriminate, probe and analyse. While the mind will follow blindly every whim and fancy, the intellect helps man to identify one's duty and responsibility. Two things are essential for happy life: grains for sustenance of the body and contemplation of the Lord and merging in His glory.

If a man wishes to be happy, the first exercise he must do is to remove from his mind every bad thought, feeling and habit. Grief and joy are obverse and reverse sides of the same experience. Joy is when grief ends; grief is when joy ends. What exactly is grief? It is merely a reaction to the loss of something gained or the failure to gain something desired. Therefore, the only way to escape grief and sorrow is to conquer desire for the illusory. The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one has to do. Whatever work you have to do, you should do it with pleasure and liking.

06/05 :
In the use of sense organs, there must be due regard for moderation and purity. This applies to food as well as to other things, which you may consume. Today man is behaving like a patient who is clamouring for the medicines that he relishes, not for the medicines that can cure him according to the doctors who are the experts. The patient chooses the diet and the regimen which are congenial to him; he bids adieu to the directions given by the doctor, for they restrict and regulate.

The questions that haunt us and pressurise us while we live- whence have we come, to where are we proceeding, how did the universe originate, etc. All religions try to answer these questions. Man has set down in all lands certain rules and regulations in order to secure orderly and smooth running of his daily schedule of activities, directed to the actual process of living. Since they have become part of the code of conduct, they are also described as 'Discipline'.

 Man is equipped with a return-ticket when he takes birth. Holding it in his grasp, he earns and spends, rises and falls, sings and dances, weeps and wails, forgetting the end of the journey. But, though he forgets, the wagon of life moves towards the cemetery, which is its terminus. It brings no glory to man if he is tied helplessly to the wheel of birth and death. His glory and greatness consist in disentangling himself from that revolving wheel.

09/05 :
The Supreme Conciousness is a shoreless, bottomless ocean. That ocean is the basis for the ever-shifting waves, the evidence and result of His power.  The wave emerges from the sea, leaps forth from it, falls back into it and dissolves itself into it. Though the power of the sea is thus manifested in ups and downs, rise and fall, the sea is steady and fixed.  But the world is concerned more with the temporary and the shifting and thinks that the waves are very important. All the senses, all the impulses rise up in overpowering strength like waves from the sea, roar in fury, and subside in the waters. They do not confer peace. The wise thing is to forget these waves and to direct attention towards the sea beneath which is without change. Only then you can attain peace and swim happily in the deep undisturbed waters.

Just as the rivers have their sources in the Ocean, education has its roots in Educare. Physical and worldly knowledge corresponds to education. Educare is related to our inner feelings and purity of heart. Our Speech, Song and Way of Life should originate from heart. That is the essence of Educare. Even if you acquire any number of degrees, if you lack purity of heart, you cannot be called truly educated. You must understand the purpose of education and act accordingly. Then your life will be redeemed.

11/05 :
From today onwards, develop noble feelings! Make efforts to instill such faith and devotion in your fellow human beings. Follow the sacred path. Never give scope for anxiety or worry. Do not give scope for despair and despondency with any negative attitude. Do your duty and face any situation with courage. Then, the result is bound to be good. Your future will certainly be safe and secure.

Human life is undoubtedly the highest in evolution and to give it meaning, spiritual endeavor is essential. The endeavor should be pure and holy, and for this way of life, character is the most important! Without character, wealth, education, social status - all these are of no avail. Character to a person is just like the fragrance to the flower... the fragrance gives the flower its value and worth. By conscious efforts, habits can be changed and character refined. Everyone has within his reach, the capacity to challenge his evil propensities and to change his evil habits. By selfless service, renunciation, devotion and prayer, the old habits that bind can be discarded and new habits which take us along the divine path can be instilled into our lives.

13/05 :
 God is Love and Love is God. True spiritual discipline lies in developing love to love relationship. These days, people teach Spiritual Values without giving up Selfishness.That is a grave error. You should give up Selfishness in the first instance and consider Spiritual Values as the basis of all your endeavours. Develop faith in God. God is the only support, and everything else is Supported. Divinity is One.  Never forget that. Sweets may be many, but the essential ingredient in them, that is sugar, which imparts the sweetness, is the same. Hold on to this principle of love and demonstrate this ideal of unity.

Cultivate one-pointed steadfastness in whatever you do. Equal mindedness is the right and auspicious outlook. All creation must appear to your eyes as equally auspicious. You must look upon all beings with much love and faith as your own kith and kin. For, there is no evil in any creation... not even an iota! Evil appears as such only through faulty vision. Creation gets colored by the nature of the glasses we wear. By itself, it is eternally pure and holy.

15/05 :
You must ask yourself this question: "The great saints were also persons like me... When they could attain perfection, I can also succeed if I follow their method! What profits me if I spend my time in discovering the faults and weaknesses of others?" The first spiritual practice is to search for the faults and weaknesses within oneself and strive to correct them and become perfect. You have only a short span of life here upon earth... Even in this short span, by wisely using the time with care, you can attain Divine Bliss.

The reason all the denizens of the deep sea are happy is that they have water all around them... above, below, on all sides. They cannot survive even a second outside it. If they perforce have to come out of it, they struggle frantically to reach water again... being out of it is a disaster. So too, if you are immersed in Divine Peace, you will experience the real joy and exhilaration of that state, constantly. One who has tasted that joy and exhilaration can never tolerate even for a second, the state of asanthi (Lack of Peace). If it ever happens, he will struggle furiously and return to that state of Peace. You must not float on the upper wave of impulses or intentions...You must dive deeper and revel always at the calmer levels. This is the most urgent task.

Work is the mission of every individual. Renunciation and doing work are not contradictory - they are complementary. By giving up work, you will decline, without the progress derived from activity and the training achieved through it. A real monk is one who does not desire one thing or hate another. The word  renunciation when applied to work means to do your role without regard for success or failure, profit or loss, honor or dishonor... and perform each activity as an offering to the Lord. Without work, you will get lost in the darkness of ignorance and be overwhelmed by inertia, dullness! So, better than giving up your work, renounce the fruits of the actions. It yields greater joy and that is the best path!  

18/05 :
Modern Education is breeding selfishness. It is for acquiring goods and services for one's own comfort. These are worldly pleasures. The qualities of desire, anger, greed, delusion, pride and envy drive one's efforts in pursuit of worldly pleasures. No doubt worldly education helps to provide comfort and joy in the objective world, but it does not at all contribute to inner bliss. Only the five human values of truth, peace, love, non-violence and righteousness can confer inner bliss. A person who cultivates these five human values will always be happy. The five senses of action provide external pleasure whereas the five human values confer inner bliss.

Man strives to provide himself with food, clothing and housing for the sake of the body. He must also provide himself with something to keep the mind
healthy and happy. It is the mind that conditions even the body. The mind is the instrument, the fly-wheel and the thickest comrade of man. Through it one can ruin oneself or save oneself. Regulated and controlled, channelised properly, it can liberate; wayward and let loose, it can entangle and bind fast.

Do not cultivate excessive desires. It is natural for people to have some desires, but one has to enquire which one of these desires is good and which one causes harm. Unfortunately, this sense of discrimination is lost in present times. All these desires, which are the result of Desire, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Pride and Envy have their origin in the mind. When you marry a girl, you develop love for her in the beginning. After sometime, if for any reason, she goes against your wishes, you develop hatred for her. Your anger and hatred will ultimately land you in difficulties. If you reduce your desires and expectations, you will be able to lead a happy married life. "Less Luggage, More Comfort" makes travel a pleasure.  Hence, reduce the luggage of your desires. 

Rain water is pure. When you place a vessel while it is raining, you can collect pure water. It is like distilled water. By drinking that water, you will not be troubled by any ailment. When the same water is mixed up with other substances, it gets polluted. In the same manner, the mind is always pure. It gets polluted by desires. Hence, do not pollute your mind by cultivating desires.  When a desire arises in your mind, brush it aside to keep your mind free from pollution. You read your text books and acquire knowledge, similarly, it is your duty to keep your mind always pure and free from pollution. This is most important learning you must acquire today.

We think that the qualities of anger, envy, jealousy, pride, etc. are God-given, but it is not true. God does not make any distinction between people by granting positive attributes to some and negative qualities to others. All these differences are human-made and God has nothing to do with them. When our wish is fulfilled, we praise God. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, we attribute our failure to God and blame Him. God is only a witness to everything that goes on in this world, good or bad. He neither gives nor receives anything. All our sorrows and difficulties are of our own making.

Divine Peace alone will remove the narrow walls that now divide one person from another. It will transform all absurd hatreds, misunderstandings, disgusts and prejudices that warp human behavior. Peace alone is the manifestation of the greatness of Love.  That Peace will endow all who come under its authority with tremendous power for good.  It can even place God within your grasp and you within God's grasp.

24/05 :                                                           
You may or may not worship God, but you must respect your mother and father, who are responsible for your birth. Respect your mother.  Keep her always happy. No one can estimate or describe a mother's love.  It has no pollution. If you are able to win the love of your mother, it amounts to acquiring all degrees. Our scriptures enjoin us to respect mother, father, teacher and God in that order. First and foremost is your mother who gave you birth. The father brings you up and puts you on the road to development. The mother is the foundation for the mansion of your life. The father represents the wall and the Guru is the roof. Finally, God is your life itself. Hence, those who yearn for God must love their mother first. If only you keep her happy, all other things of happiness will be added unto you.

You call yourself a human being. Unless there are human values in you, how can you be called a human being? Only when you develop noble qualities you are entitled to be called a human.  We often come across people changing jobs with a hope of getting high salaries. Do not develop this craze for money. Instead of the craving for money, develop human values. When you develop love for God, the demonic qualities in you will be removed. When people get rid of demonic qualities, the society will become better. You will earn a good name in your society. God will always protect persons who adhere to human values and constantly guard and guide them. Hence, develop morality and love for God.

26/05 :
Truth is the first and foremost human value. Truth does not undergo any change in all in the three periods of time - past, present and future. You have to develop faith in that Truth. Next is Love. "Love is God, Live in Love." In fact, your entire life should be nourished and nurtured by love. When truth and love go together, non-violence is the result. Where there is love, people will not quarrel amongst themselves. When you develop love, you will consider all others as your brothers and sisters. Suppose you meet someone and say, "Hello Brother", even your enemy will respond by saying "Hello Brother".  Hence, first purify your own thoughts and when you develop purity, there will be Divinity. When unity, purity and divinity go together, your life will certainly be happy.

To a superficial observer, the life of man appears as a rotation of eating and drinking, toiling and sleeping. But verily, Life is a sacrifice. Each little act is an offering to the Lord. Do not commit the great fault of identifying with the body. Do not accumulate a variety of things for the upkeep and the comfort of the body. Before death, everything - position, pride, power, etc. - will vanish. Realize this and strive day and night with purity of body, mind and spirit,  to realize the Higher Self by serving all living beings. Remember, Thou Art That;  You are the indestructible Eternal Self. Utilize your authority over this body to foster the welfare of the world. The body is but an instrument, an implement given by God. Let it serve its purpose.

28/05 :                       
All those who achieved greatness in any field, be it education or science or any other discipline have been able to do so, solely on the basis of their conduct. Neither physical strength, nor wealth, nor even intellectual ability can make one respected and honoured. It is the way one lives that confers honour and dignity on them. Therefore, it is only through our actions that we should strive to realize the Divine.  Without right conduct, all other spiritual activities are of no avail. Hence, everyone should acquire good and sacred qualities if he/she yearns to realize God. Entertain proper thoughts and realize that we are all in God's Home. The whole universe is the mansion of the Lord.

29/05 :
Whoever one may be, they have to engage themselves to do some work, whatever it might be. The one who engages in work, renouncing the fruit of all action and following the discipline of silence, can within a short time, realize Divinity. For such souls, work is like breathing and life is impossible without it. This should be the essential trait for every aspirant. Agitation and restlessness comes only when the fruit of the action is desired. If the fruit is disregarded and joy is derived from the very activity itself, then one gets undisturbed inner peace.  No one ever thinks of the results and benefits of doing the it not? So too, when work is done, never worry about its result. This will give you real peace.

30/05 :
A mother is ready to sacrifice everything, even her life, for the sake of her child...It is for this reason that a woman is described as an embodiment of sacrifice...In this world, all things are transient. Only righteousness and good name endure. How is one to acquire a good name? By revering the mother. Never go against the wishes of the mother. The child who causes pain to the mother can never be happy. Hence, earn the blessing of the mother.

31/05 :                                                                                 
Many ideas take shape in the human heart. They wander to the very ends of the eight directions. Some, within these many ideas, are mutually supportive; others are mutually destructive. But you must not leave them free. You must have the cleverness to canalize them, and discipline the senses to sub-serve one high purpose. It is not enough if you have cleverness. You must also engage in the control and subjugation of the mental faculties. This is very essential for the blossoming of the Divine Soul within you. In addition, you must also move with elders who are experienced in the sublimation of the vagaries of the mind.

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Often, in your ignorance, you feel small, you feel miserable, you feel that the wicked, greedy and cruel people are all happier than you and unjustifiably so. You are hurt and feel that it is unjust that you, who are so truthful, so loving, so virtuous, should suffer. Just ponder over this. Are they as happy as you imagine and is your condition, as bad as you portray it to be? Investigate for a minute, and you will know the truth yourself. External appearances are often like painted pots of poison. The hearts of people not adhering to Right Conduct know no peace – they are probably as miserable as you, if not more. Believe that Righteousness will never play false; it will ensure greater joy than can be gained through all other means.


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