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Archives 2016 - 01 January





01/01 :
If you wish to embark on a new life, you need not wait for the arrival of a new year. Treat every second as new. Sanctify every moment of your life. This has to be done by realizing the unity of existence and the individual Consciousness. When this union is achieved, Spiritual Bliss is experienced. This is the primary task before everyone. Every second should be regarded as Divine. This New Year's Day may come and go as it happens every year, but God neither comes nor goes.
02/01 :
All must cultivate the spirit of equal-mindedness. This is the mark of a true human being. It is the spirit of serenity in which one looks upon praise or blame, honor or dishonor, pleasure or pain alike. We tend to shrivel up when somebody abuses us; the whole world looks gloomy. We swell with pride when anybody praises us. What we should cultivate is an attitude in which we remain unaffected in both the situations. mental tranquility is necessary for experiencing the truth of the Self. There is no greater thing on earth than peace of mind. Every effort must be made to acquire that peace.
While struggling in the spiritual field, take on the Lord Himself as your protector. To instill courage in the child, the mother persuades it to walk a few steps and turns about, but she will never allow it to fall. If the child falters and is about to lose balance, she hurries from behind and catches it before it falls. The Lord too has His eyes fixed on the individual. He has in His hand the string of the kite, which is humanity. Sometimes He may give it a pull or push to loosen the hold; but whatever He does, be confident and carefree, for He is holding that string. This faith will harden into an innate desire and will fill you with the essence of love. The string is the bond of love and grace. You are the kite, bound to the Lord. Earn auspicious merit so the bond of love and grace is firm and grows.
04/01 :
Twenty hammer strokes might not succeed in breaking a stone, but the twenty first might. Does this mean the first 20 blows were of no avail? No! Each stroke contributed its share to the final success which was the cumulative effect of all 21 strokes. So too, your mind is engaged in a struggle with the internal and external world. Needless to say, you may not always succeed. You can attain everlasting bliss by immersing yourself in good works and saturating your mind with the love of Universal Consciousness. Infuse every moment of life with that love. Then evil tendencies will not obstruct you. When your mind dwells with the Universal Consciousness always, you will be drawn automatically only toward good deeds. The objective of all spiritual practices is to destroy the mind, and some day, one good deed will succeed in destroying it, just like the 21st stroke. Hence no good deed is a waste - every little act counts!
05/01 :
When dirty water gets mixed with milk, the milk has to be boiled to make it pure. Likewise man has to undertake various types of disciplines to purge his heart of impurities. Exercises such as meditation, chanting, etc. can only provide mental satisfaction. It is only when the heart is melted in the heat of Divine love that one can succeed in getting rid of bad qualities and make the heart shine in its pristine effulgence. Just as the sun's rays can burn a heap of cotton if the rays are concentrated by passing through a lens, the rays of the intellect will destroy one's bad qualities only when they are passed through the lens of Divine love.
06/01 :
Believing that the world as cognised during the waking state is real and that the highest goal is the attainment of happiness in that world, man accumulates the instruments and symbols of that happiness; he fashions after his own taste and inclination, the laws, ideals, institutions and principles that would bolster that happiness. But can the goal of Life be just this - to struggle amidst the waves of joy and grief that rise and fall in this visible objective world, to be carried along the current of desire, gathering food, shelter, comfort and pleasure, and finally, to flounder into the jaws of death? If man too leads life in this manner, verily he is no better than a mere animal.
07/01 :
Even while engaging in selfless service, let your mind fixed on Universal Consciousness. When rains pour on the mountain peaks and the water hurries down on all sides, no river emerges therefrom. However when the waters flow in a single direction, first a brook, then a stream, then a torrent, and finally a river is formed, and the rains reach the sea. Water that runs in one direction reaches the sea; water that flows in four directions soaks in and is lost. Mental tendencies are like this. Of what use are they if they merely come and go, this way today and that way tomorrow? The holy stream of good inborn desires must flow full and steady along the fields of holy thoughts and finally abide in the great ocean of bliss at the moment of death.
08/09 :
The net result of all this living and toiling is whatever comes to memory at the last moment of life. Therefore direct the entire current of life towards acquisition of the mental tendency that you want to have during the last moment. The feeling that dominates the moment of death works with great force in the coming life. This truth must guide a person for the journey of this life too, for inborn desires are the wherewithal for this journey as well as for the journey after this. Therefore from tomorrow, always keep death, which is inevitable, before the eye of memory and engage yourself in the journey of life with good wishes for all, with strict adherence to truth, seeking always the company of the good, and with the mind always fixed on the Lord. Avoid evil deeds, hateful and harmful thoughts, and don’t get attached to the world. If you live thus, your last moment will be pure, sweet, and blessed.
09/01 :
Your country and your body are not different from each other. Both are composed of the same five elements. They are inseparably interrelated and totally interdependent. They are like mirror images of each other. Try to recognize this truth. The youth of today are the leaders of the future. If the future is to be prosperous, the modern youth should perform their duties with firm faith in God. You are not separate from the country, but a part of it. Have the firm conviction that this country belongs to you. One who does not say with pride, this is my motherland, this is my mother tongue, this is my religion can be compared to a living corpse. Every person, whichever country he may belong to, should have patriotism firmly ingrained in his heart.
Love is like the mariner's compass, which always points to the north. At any time, any place or in any circumstance love points only towards God. Hence, everyone should try to understand how the Love principle works. Love can be compared only with love. Love and Affection are one and the same. But affection, when it is directed towards worldly objects, gets tainted. Because of this pollution, joy and sorrow ensue. Man becomes a prey to desires and disappointments. However when Love is directed towards God, it becomes pure, selfless, enduring and Divine.
18/01 :
Man's vision which is now turned outward towards the phenomenal universe, should be turned inwards towards the indwelling spirit. One should manifest the divine consciousness inherent in him. He should submit himself to that consciousness as a spiritual discipline. This is called the "Conscious realisation of the inner Divinity." The first step is to develop awareness of the Divinity within. The next step is to realise that the divinity that is within one's self is equally present in all others also. One must recognise that the veil that appears to separate him from others is born of delusion and every effort should be made to remove it. Only then will it be possible to experience the oneness of all living beings
Man is the highest object in creation. Man should not be a creature of instincts like the animals, which are subject to Nature, but should become a master of Nature. He should progress from human to the Divine. An intelligent human being should not regard himself as bound by worldly attachments. It is not the world that binds man. It has neither eyes to see nor hands to grasp. Man is a prisoner of his own thoughts and desires. In his attachment to the ephemeral and the perishable, man forgets his inherent Divinity and does not realize that everything in the Universe has come from the Divine and cannot exist without the power of the Divine.
Develop the quality of love. Do not hate anyone. Develop the faith that whatever happens to you is good for you. Think that whenever you encounter any difficulty or suffering, you alone are responsible for it. [Respect others. That alone will protect you. On the other hand, if you insult somebody that will punish you.*] On the other hand, if you insult anyone knowingly or unknowingly, that someone else may punish you some day. Pleasure and pain are the products of your own making. The merit or sin you commit, follows you like a shadow always. Many today give sermons to others, without following their own advice. What value will your advice have? Whenever you read or listen to a noble thought, it is of no value to you, until you practice it assiduously. Help your fellow human beings at least in a small measure. You will be helped in return, when you need it most. Never blame others for the difficulties you face. Never abuse anyone. Love all and treat everyone as your brothers and sisters.
30/01 :
Dependence on righteousness will ensure your happiness and increase it. It can remove the spite that one develops toward others. It will not allow you to swell with pride when another suffers or grieves. Can such wickedness confer happiness on you? Remember you can be happy only when all are happy! The mind and conscience have to be kept straight on the path of welfare of all mankind. Righteousness will shine and illumine only in the person who serves all and confers joy on all. Such a person will receive not only the grace of the Lord but also the unique privilege of merging in Him. Whenever you give or take anything from anyone, see that you do not transgress the boundaries of righteousness. Do not go against its commands. Follow it at all times, believing this to be your bounden duty. Fill every ounce of your energy with the essence of righteousness and endeavour to progress in that path, more and more, with every passing day.

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Human life is a journey from 'I' to 'We'. This journey is subtle and the goal is very near, but man takes many births to reach the destination. Just as you change your dress, so too you have to change your body one day or the other. That is why it is said, "Death is the dress of life". That which is responsible for birth is responsible for death too. This body is like a passing cloud. So long as there is life in the body, use it in the service of others. Engage yourself in service till the last breath. Service to man is service to Universal Consciousness. Have control over your senses; without this discipline all your service will be futile.


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