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for the 9-18 age - 08 Game Food Force





Food Force is a new Games presented by the World Food Programme (WFP).

As team rookie you have six missions to complete.
Each mission represents a part of the process of delivering food aid to an area in crisis. The final mission shows you how food aid can help people rebuild their lives in the years following a disaster.
Pilot a helicopter over a crisis zone in Sheylan to locate the hungry.

Mission 1

Explains the terrain beneath your helicopter.
Rapid response to an emergency often means the difference between life & death. A successful emergency operation requires locating the hungry and identifying the fastest route to get food aid to them.
Mission one challenges you to do exactly this. The island of Sheylan has suffered the damaging consequences of drought and civil conflict. People have had to abandon their homes in search of safety and food. Your task is to pilot a helicopter and survey the scene to locate and count how many
people need feeding—all against the clock!

Mission 2

Within your budget, create a good balanced diet for the local population in Sheylan.
Joe Zaki helps you measure out the correct amount of each ingredients to provide a balanced diet for the least cost.
Getting food aid quickly to an emergency hunger zone is critical but so is understanding what kind of food aid is necessary. It’s all about nutrition.
Enter Joe Zaki, the Food Force nutritional expert. He’ll talk you through the essential types of food that WFP supplies in emergency situations. It’s then your challenge to find the right combination of these food items (rice, beans, vegetable oil, sugar & iodised salt) to create a nutritious and balanced diet – all at a target cost of 30 US cents per person per meal!

Mission 3

Drop food from the air if at first you lack cheaper routes into Sheylan.
Carlos Sanchez explains how you drop food precisely where it should go.
In extreme emergencies and when there is no other way to reach the hungry by land or water, “airdrops” are sometimes used to deliver food directly to people in need.
Carlos Sanchez, manager of WFP’s crack A.L.I.T.E. emergency team, will guide you in this third and action packed mission. Will you manage to make the drops accurately, without risking human lives? If you have what it takes you will proceed to the next level. If not, it’s back to the beginning of the mission!

Mission 4

Buy food and transport it to Sheylan as quickly and cheaply as you can.
Miles helps you create your Food Supply Plan for Sheylan, but you must act quickly.
WFP relies entirely on donations in order to acquire and deliver food to people in need. Food must be located and purchased for the best value, whilst considering immediate and longer-term needs.
This is your challenge in Mission Four, where you’ll meet Miles, Food Force’s director of food purchasing – he’s on hand to help you with the task. The aim of the mission is to complete the logistics puzzle and fill up Sheylan’s food supply chain for the next 6 months.

Mission 5

Guide a convoy of trucks safely to a WFP feeding centre in Sheylan. The trip won't be easy.
Wheel damage is just one of the obstacles between your WFP food convoy and the hungry people whom it's for.
When aid reaches its country of destination, land logistic experts make the final link in the food chain. Once the supply line is secure, food aid is loaded on trucks, trains and land transport, ready to be delivered to the hungry.
In Mission Five, you’re responsible for making sure a convoy of WFP trucks arrive safely at the feeding centre. The trip won’t be easy, but Rachel Scott, the Food Force logistics officer is there to help. Together with her you’ll have to overcome challenges – from clearing land mines to rebuilding bridges and negotiating with local rebel forces!

Mission 6

Distribute food aid within a Sheylanese community to help the residents rebuild.
Joe Zaki, himself from Sheylan, stays after the crisis to help with long-term food aid.
Food has arrived in Sheylan and the most difficult moments of the emergency response are behind you, but that’s just the start. Disaster-hit communities need support in order to get back on their feet – this is when WFP’s long-term development projects become important.
Joe Zaki, originally from Sheylan, is once again with you for the final mission where you’re responsible for “investing” food to “grow” development projects in this Sim City style game. The projects you must manage are: “School Feeding”, “Food For Work”, “Food for Training”, “Nutritional Programs” and “HIV/AIDS Prevention”. The aim is simple: To ensure Sheylan can provide enough food for itself, that the people are healthy, and the community has the infrastructure to grow.

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The very first spiritual exercise one must adopt is the cultivation of inner silence, to put an end to the continuous dialogue with the mind. Let the mind rest for a while. Do not project on the mind irrelevant details or pollute it with fumes of envy and greed. Every idea we entertain, either good or bad, gets imprinted on the mind. An element of weakness and unsteadiness is thus introduced in the mind. Keep the mind calm and clear. Do not agitate it every moment by your non-stop dialogue.


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