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Non-Violence - 03 Universal Love






Objectif :

Faire réaliser aux enfants qu’en développant l’Amour Universel ils ne pourront plus être violents car ils désireront le bonheur de tout ce qui les entoure.

Assise silencieuse :      (matériel : une bougie)

Asseyez-vous confortablement, le dos bien droit, les mains posées sur les cuisses comme des petites coupelles et maintenant -- vous faîtes la respiration en trois temps comme vous avez l’habitude de le faire. Vous inspirez – une pause – vous expirez et vous recommencez, -- en faisant cela vous sentez le calme, -- la paix se répandre dans tout votre corps
Progressivement tous les muscles de votre corps, -- de vos bras et vos jambes se relâchent, se détendent.

Tout en continuant de respirer, -- vous regardez fixement la flamme de la bougie, -- maintenant vous fermez les yeux et – derrière vos paupières vous imaginez, vous pensez à cette flamme qui se trouve là -- entre vos deux yeux, cette flamme --  c’est une lumière d’Amour -- qui progressivement entre dans votre tête  -- elle éclaire vos yeux, qui maintenant ne verront plus que le bien, puis -- vos oreilles, qui n’entendront plus que le bien, -- votre bouche, qui ne mangera plus, que ce qui est bon pour vous -- et votre langue, qui ne dira plus que du bien.
La lumière descend et éclaire maintenant votre gorge -- puis votre poitrine, votre cœur, -- votre ventre.
Cette lumière d’Amour descend dans vos bras et vos mains --  qui ne feront plus que ce qui est bien. -- Elle arrive maintenant dans vos jambes et vos pieds -- qui vous porteront vers ce qui est bien.—

Votre corps est entièrement illuminé par cette lumière d’Amour. – Progressivement -- elle rayonne autour de vous et la lumière  d‘Amour entoure maintenant vos parents, --  vos frères et sœurs, -- toute votre famille, -- vos amis, -- l’endroit où vous habitez, -- les peuples du monde entier, -- tous les animaux, -- toutes les plantes, les fleurs, les arbres.

Sentez que,-- plus le rayonnement de la lumière d’Amour augmente autour de vous, -- plus le courant d’Amour, qui traverse votre cœur devient fort, -- sentez bien cela.—sentez la puissance de cet Amour Universel qui envahit l’univers tout entier – ressentez bien cela.-- --
Lorsque j’aurai compté, vous ouvrirez les yeux et vous regarderez avec amour tout ce qui vous entoure.
1, 2, 3… vous être maintenant revenu dans votre salle de classe, étirez-vous, ouvrez les yeux.


Citation :

L’Amour est le langage que tout le monde comprend.


Histoire :


from 'Emma and the Magic String'
by Cynthia Bach

Emma woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of voices in the next bedroom.
Whatever was going on? Of course, Daddy was at home today, so something different was sure to be happening!

Emma listened carefully. Yes, Mum and Dad were going to put up some wallpaper and do some painting and were making an early start. What a busy day they were going to have.
Mummy looked in and said, “Your breakfast is on the table. Pop down and have it, there’s a good girl.”

So Emma washed and dressed quickly, ran downstairs and started her breakfast.
As she munched her cornflakes, she looked out of the window, wondering what sort of day it was going to be. It looked a bit grey and cloudy.
“Oh well,” she said. “I think I’ll look at the book Nanny gave me.” So she washed up the dishes quickly and went back upstairs.
Daddy said, “We can go out this afternoon, while the paint is drying, if you would like to, Emma.”
“That’ll be nice. Thanks, Dad,” replied Emma and turned to her book. It was called ‘The Planets’. She had seen programmes on the television about planets, but found it hard to imagine what they were like. They seemed to be such a long way away, even when she looked through Uncle Mike’s telescope.

Emma turned the pages to find the pictures. There they were - Mars, Mercury, Venus, the Moon. Emma loved the moon. It was interesting how it changed shape on different nights. And there were Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn! That was the one she liked best, the one with the rings around it. It said in the book that the rings were made up of lumps of ice - how amazing!

She wondered what kept the planets all going round the sun, and what kept the sun in its place? Emma felt a bit dizzy thinking about all that, so she put the book down for a moment and felt under her pillow for the ball of magic string. Yes, there it was. All rolled up neatly.
She held it in her hand and said to herself, “This must be the last day of magic.

There is only one more door to go through.” Emma had been on five magic adventures through the bathroom door already, led by her ball of magic string. This was the sixth. Through the bathroom door she had found six coloured doors, each leading to a strange world of adventure. The last door, which she had not yet explored, was purple.

The ball of string wriggled, began to glow very brightly and jumped out of her hand. As usual, Emma held tightly to the end and followed it excitedly to the door.
The ball bounced through it and magically, Emma followed. There was no sign of Mummy or Daddy busy in the next room. In fact, there was no next room, only the door into the magic land.
The rose pink carpet glowed and the light above was very bright, so bright that Emma had a quick glance at each of the doors she had already been through.

They all glowed in their different colours and she remembered the beautiful adventures behind each one. Now it was the day for the purple door, which was already shining and shimmering. Whatever could she be going to see today? With a whoosh, she was through the door. She had arrived safely in a beautiful fairy garden.

As she looked around, the d a y l i g h t slowly began to fade. Then she noticed that something very bright was shining in the dim light.
Emma had to blink a lot before her eyes got used to it and then she stared in surprise.

Was it really a star, right there in front of her?
“I only look like a star.
I am a star fairy,” said a sort of sparkling voice from inside this brilliant
Twinkling star shape. “I have come to take you on a journey.”
“Where to?” asked Emma.
“If you step into my star bubble, I can carry you and you will be quite safe,” said the voice which was both comforting and exciting.

Emma had the feeling that this was going to be the best adventure of all. She found it hard to see the star bubble at first, but then it became clearer and was like the bubbles she used to blow with soapy water, all rainbow colours. Little steps looking as if they were made of diamonds led up to it.
“Don’t be afraid,” said the star fairy. “You’ll be all right in the bubble and will see everything from inside it.”
The sparkling voice sounded very kind, like all of Emma’s favourite people rolled into one. So she couldn’t really be afraid, could she? Holding the ball of string she ran up the diamond steps and into the bubble. Its door seemed to open and close behind her without her even touching it. And the steps had folded themselves up inside and become  a seat.
“Are you ready?” asked the fairy.
“Yes,” Emma said a little nervously. “Where are we going?”
“Flying!” replied the fairy.

Outside was a shimmering, velvety darkness and Emma thought that at any moment, she might see something really special.
Sure enough, they had only been flying for a few seconds when the star fairy said, “Now look out to your left and just below you. And don’t worry, you cannot fall.

Emma turned and, to her amazement, found she was looking down at the earth. How beautiful it was - all blue and white and spinning very slowly, so that she could see some of the countries.
There were the British Isles! She felt a bit strange, looking at it from such a height. Then she saw the moon. It seemed as if it was travelling on a pathway made of shining tiny lines, almost like a spider’s web that made a huge circle right around the earth. They travelled higher until they were close to the other planets. The fairy said that they were like the balls on the earth made by people.

“Who made the planets then?” Emma enquired.

“They are made by a Great Energy, called Love.”
“Is the Great Energy pink?” asked Emma. “I’ve seen it around animals and people when they are being kind.”
“You could say it is all colours, because all things are made of it,” replied the star fairy. “But, yes, pink is the colour of Love that people can see most easily.”

As they floated back down to earth, Emma could see a pink mist surrounding it, but there were big holes in the mist in places. “That is where there is no Love,” she thought. “And perhaps that makes the Earth Energy sad.”

“Yes, you are right,” smiled the fairy. “So make sure you always give Love to the earth. It will help to fill up the holes.”

Emma arrived back safely and ran out of the bubble and down the diamond steps. She said thank you and goodbye to the star fairy.

“Emma! It’s time to go out,” a voice called to her. It was Daddy and Emma found herself curled up on the bottom of her bed. What an adventure she had had!

1. What was actually going to happen on Saturday morning?
2. What was the book Emma was reading about?
3. Which planet did she like best? Why?
4. How would Emma go on a magic adventure?
5. How many times had she already been on a magic adventure through
the bathroom door?
6. What colour was the door which led to her sixth adventure?
7. Can you describe Emma’s adventure?
8. Who made the planets in the fairy’s creation story?
9. What do the big holes in the pink mist around the earth mean?
10. What do you think we people might be able to do about it?
11. How can we show our care for the world?
12. How did you feel when you heard this story?


Group singing


( lyrics by Sara John)

We are children of a feeling world,
Plant our feet right on the ground,
Give our planet all our loving
And then let it spread around.
Across the skies, we are shining,
Our planet’s alive for all to see.
Let’s make it glow with special brightness,
With pure love from you and me.

(Repeat x 2)
With pure love from you and me.
With pure love from you and me.


Activité de groupe :

L’Amour Universel embrasse la totalité des êtres, des choses et de l’univers, la personne se sent reliée au monde comme un tout.

Imprimez le dessin, demandez aux élèves de dessiner des enfants qui font une ronde tout autour de la terre et d’inscrire les valeurs en rapport avec la Non Violence et qui permettront à l’Amour Universel de se développer sur terre.





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The very first spiritual exercise one must adopt is the cultivation of inner silence, to put an end to the continuous dialogue with the mind. Let the mind rest for a while. Do not project on the mind irrelevant details or pollute it with fumes of envy and greed. Every idea we entertain, either good or bad, gets imprinted on the mind. An element of weakness and unsteadiness is thus introduced in the mind. Keep the mind calm and clear. Do not agitate it every moment by your non-stop dialogue.


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