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All the sublime human values have their origin in love.

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The lifebuoy - 5 What are the Veda?


What are the Veda?

Vedas formed the foundation of 'Sanathana Dharma' or Eternal Righteousness.

It is incorrect and misleading to limit the Vedas to Hinduism; they are the timeless. Eternal Truths, given by God through the pure and highly evolved sages of yore for the entirety of humanity. So, it cannot be confined to any particular Spirituality, which is the practice of the fundamental religion.
Sanathana Dharma, is not a religion; it is a way of life where peace and prosperity, selflessness and charity, knowledge and wisdom, humaneness and justice, human values and fraternity and other such virtues are extolled.

The Vedas proclaim: “Truth is only One, but the wise call It by many names.”
Throughout the ages Prophets, Messiahs and Sages have Message, the followers created various religions in the name of their Masters.

With the passage of time, divisions have taken place within each religion due to Ego and the pull misunderstandings among the leaders, resulting in the creation of sects and schisms. This kind of divisive spree is hurting the lives of people of all faiths.

Let us to make search our souls and see if we can bring some unity, not only within each religion, but also between religions, by properly understanding their core tenets.
What we see in religions these days are merely the outer trappings, which are mostly man-made, historical and traditional.

If all humanity would follow the tenets of their respective religion - what was originally taught by the Masters - certainly there would be peace on earth and the goodwill to all mankind.

Unfortunately, religions around the world are at conflict with each other today, even in creating factions and schisms within their own faith! This is because of the selfishness of religious leaders and their misinterpretation of the teachings of the great Masters to suit their dogma and creed.

Human Values have been insidiously eroded because of politicisation within religions and people wanting to grab power for it must dominance over others.
If we examine the tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and all the other major religions, they all carry the Universal Message of Love.

The only True Religion is Love, and it is ALL INCLUSIVE.

ycoeur43.gif If there is Righteousness in your Heart, there will be Beauty in Character;
If there is Beauty in Character, there will be Harmony in the Home;
If there is Harmony in the Home, there will be Order in the Nation;
If there is Order in the Nation, there will be Peace in the World

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Human life is a journey from 'I' to 'We'. This journey is subtle and the goal is very near, but man takes many births to reach the destination. Just as you change your dress, so too you have to change your body one day or the other. That is why it is said, "Death is the dress of life". That which is responsible for birth is responsible for death too. This body is like a passing cloud. So long as there is life in the body, use it in the service of others. Engage yourself in service till the last breath. Service to man is service to Universal Consciousness. Have control over your senses; without this discipline all your service will be futile.


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